About Mandrelworks Jewelry, LLC

The right jewelry can be that little boost that helps you express yourself, mark a meaningful event or accomplishment, or just carry yourself a bit taller, knowing you're worth the investment.  Whether you find a bold statement piece, or something more subtle, my goal is to create timeless jewelry that can be a regular part of your look for years to come.  

I’m Adrienne Fuhrmann, the owner of Mandrelworks Jewelry LLC.   I’ve been creating jewelry out of my home studio in Wisconsin since 2015 and just launched the website in 2023.  My passion is creating jewelry that adds something unique & distinctive to your collection, with all or mostly handmade, and often one of a kind pieces - not fast fashion.  

When you find those pieces that really speak to you, know that you’re supporting a brand focused on responsible sourcing of tools and materials, and with an eye towards sustainability. 

Thanks for stopping by!